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Website Analysis

Not all sites are created equal!

Top businesses trust Blumoo Creative with their digital marketing needs. We have the tools and experience to drive traffic and increase conversions. Our services range from SEO to paid search advertising to social media marketing.

A website analysis from Blumoo Creative includes:

  • Traffic estimations
  • Key factors that influence SEO & website usability
  • Mobile load time, rendering and optimization tips
  • SEO basics (URL rewrites, robots.txt, XML sitemap, etc.)
  • Onsite elements (meta data, headings, site content, etc.)
  • SEO keyword analysis
  • Business listing accuracy overview
  • And much more

Upon receiving your website analysis, a Blumoo Creative marketing consultant will talk you through each section, discuss key findings, and educate you on what steps you can take to better market your business.

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