Link Farms And Why They Are Bad

We try to publish blog posts with information that is constructive and actionable--suggestions that you can immediately employ to improve some aspect of your business operations. As Josh the Boss likes to say, "Don't give me a problem. Give me a solution." He's not one to obsess over the negatives, which has really shaped how Post Modern Marketing has grown and developed.

However, I do believe that in order to get people to do what’s good for them, you have to explain the consequences of choosing otherwise. It isn’t enough to just provide a recipe for a fantastic home-cooked meal–you have to also show what’s going to happen when that tasty-looking 3000 calorie bacon ranch double-cheeseburger lodges in your heart. I think this is the case because it’s just so tempting to go the quick and easy route–right through the drive-thru five nights a week–rather than spend an hour or two a night making a balanced meal. “Well yeah, I understand why it’s such a good idea to invest the effort, but… it just takes so much worrrrrrrrk. It isn’t that big of a deal.” But once you’ve seen what’s in that chicken nugget or how much grease is in the aforementioned mondo burger, it’s a whole lot easier to find the motivation to make healthier choices. (I seem to have a lot of food-based metaphors running around in my brain at the moment. Blame it on the restaurant blog post from a few weeks ago.)

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