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Digital Sales Executive

Blumoo Creative digital sales team is growing again! We are looking for a motivated, out of the box digital strategist and sales maven with 1+ years of digital sales experience to join our team.

This job requires the ability to develop new business, grow existing digital revenue while developing and retaining strong client relationships. Blumoo Creative's solution-based approach and a robust menu of digital products and services require that this Digital Sales Executive possess a deep understanding of the entire digital advertising landscape. The ideal candidate should be well-versed in web site sales, display advertising, email marketing, social and content marketing, SEM, SEO as well as analytical, organized, solution-minded and customer-centric.

Our Ideal Candidate:

  • You are self-motivated and results oriented.
  • You have an outgoing, resilient personality.
  • You enjoy the thrill of the hunt by bringing in new business.
  • You're confident and not willing to accept average.
  • Perfect for someone looking for a part-time position with unlimited upside potential.


  • 1+ years of digital marketing sales.
  • Strong understanding of local market and digital media.
  • Knowledgeable of Digital products and applications such as Search Engine Marketing, Audience and Search Retargeting, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management and Marketing, Digital Display, Website Development, and Email Marketing
  • Strong skills in planning, communicating, organizing, and in developing customer relationships.
  • Ability to develop a strategic sales plan.
  • Set follow-up appointments to keep customers aware of latest developments.
  • Strong problem solving and analytical ability are essential.

You must have solid skills with the following:

  • Critical thinking? Because everything is CRITICAL!
  • Strong communication skills. "NO TPYOS ALLWOED!"
  • Highly Organized, (I'm not, but you need to be!)
  • Able to laugh at our stupid jokes.
  • Must have a sense of humor. See prior qualification.
  • MUST LIKE DOGS. Just because.
  • Must be serious. Most of the time. Not really.

Great opportunity for a freelancer or contractor who is excited and willing to help and grow with a great company!

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