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Mid-Sized Digital Marketing Plans

Medium businesses are the backbone of any community. They provide jobs, revenue and stability for their employees as well as serve to protect local consumers from unscrupulous business practices with tough competition that demands high standards all around!

We all know that the best way to grow your business is by taking risks. However, when you are at an established level of success it can be difficult for new opportunities and initiatives to seem thin on the ground! This doesn't mean they aren’t out there; instead, just a little assistance from Mainstreethost could open up so many doors into areas where before was an inaccessible due to lack of knowledge or resources - we'll provide both guidance as well as expert advice about how best use our toolsets (allowing) us towards defining exactly what type of journey awaits ahead.

Are you losing business?

If you don’t have a professional website, your business is 87% less likely to succeed.

Growing the Market

We know that if you’ve got a great selection of products, but have had trouble marketing them beyond your immediate area. That's where we come in! We can help grow customer base by expanding local service and setting up shop on Google Shopping Network or with targeted ad campaigns through Facebook ads - let our team get started today so you don't miss out any more than necessary.

Marketing for Medium Business - Growing the Market
Marketing for Medium Business - Building a Following

Building a Following

Word of mouth is the best advertising for small, local businesses. But how do you expand your appeal? Some tactics hold true in today's digital era - such as having an online presence and using social media tools like Facebook or Twitter to build up followers on these platforms. Our social media marketing team can magnify your name recognition.

24/7 Sales

When digital marketing for medium businesses becomes more accessible, the transition to selling solely online will be easier. Not only does this remove a large obstacle in their way but also gives them another opportunity that was never before possible with physical stores - flexibility!

Marketing for Medium Business - 24/7 Sales
Marketing for Medium Business - Counting Your Growth

Counting Your Growth

Your business is not only holding strong, but also growing stronger with our marketing packages. We'll provide regular touch points for you in the form of check-ins with an account coordinator to make sure everything's going smoothly and that there are no bumps along your journey!

Google Analytics allows you to see the full picture of your marketing campaign, from where people enter and exit on mobile devices all way through their journey. With this information we can assess any trends in traffic as well as identify growth opportunities for future campaigns so that success is inevitable!


There are many reasons why SEO doesn't work, but it's not your fault. Here is a list of 10 common ones that you can try to fix!

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